Bermudez Felt Stoppage was a little early


Dennis Bermudez was very aware of the challenge “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung would be, he just wished he had more time.

“I thought it was a little bit early stoppage, said Bermudez. “I know I was on Herb’s leg (the referee), but like I knew he was there trying to hit me so I was shooting on him.”

Most fighters would have to feel a certain way suffering a loss the way Bermudez did. He certainly was getting the better of Sung early in the first round. Sung did an amazing job recovering after eating a big right hand from Bermudez.

“Everything was going my way I felt,” said Bermudez. “I definitely improved on this fight than my last fight even though I didn’t get the victory.”

That certainly was the truth. The Korean Zombie was on wobbly feet before landing that big shot sending Bermudez to the canvas. Bermudez was riding a small two-fight win streak but did not overlook Sung despite his long layoff.

“We were ready and prepared for a tough Korean Zombie,” said Bermudez. “If I was out of the sport for three years, man I would be so┬áthirsty and hungry to get in there and get after it.”

Sung lived up to his nickname. He took the big shots and still continued to fight. Something many spectators in the crowd were expecting and looking for. Bermudez wished he had more time but knew he made moves that Sung was able to take advantage of.

“Mistakes were made,” said Bermudez. “The Korean Zombie capitalized on it and it’s all good, we’ll keep moving forward.”

This may mean Bermudez has taken a step back, but he’ll have another opportunity in the octagon. Meanwhile, the Korean Zombie gets a much-needed win after a long layoff and shaking off some of that ring rust off.

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