The power of podcasting can be limitless, but the art of podcasting is time consuming. The cool thing about podcasting is its flexible nature. So whether you are a lawyer, a sports enthusiast or even a health advocate, podcasts can be molded to you and your brand.

A simplified rundown of what it takes to start podcasting.

  • Record and Edit Podcast
  • Publish Podcast. (On the Internet, iTunes, podcast platforms, etc)
  • Promote Podcast
  • Podcasts Hosting (eventually find a home for your podcasts to live)

Producer Nick Productions

Producer Nick Productions is a podcast production and media digitizing service. Have a dedicated producer to your radio show or podcast. With a high speed internet connection, connect to producer at our studio from anywhere in the world, and collaborate and produce a professional podcast or radio program.

If you are interested in launching your own podcast, fill the contact form below and tell us what you might be interested in.

About Producer Nick

Talk Radio and Podcast Producer. I am Nick Sharara, a radio and podcast producer and the publisher of

I’ve produced a number over 60 national and local talk radio shows including sports, news, entertainment and much more.

I’ve produced a number of podcasts in various categories including sports, law, comedy, automotive, health and more.



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