Ep. 4 Producer Nick Podcast – Jonathan Peterlin Interview

Ep. 4 Producer Nick Podcast

Despite being the defending champs, Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers had something prove after showing struggles in the second half of the season. Jonathan Peterlin from 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland regularly covers the Cavs. We’ll get his perspective on a number of things. The nightlife in Cleveland. How much authority in Cleveland does Lebron really have and what can you expect from the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals. All that and more.

Ep. 4 Producer Nick Podcast – Jonathan Peterlin Interview

Interview transcribed:

Nick: How is the nightlife in Cleveland?

Jonathan: I love Houston. I’ll continue to tell that to anybody I come across. The nightlife in Cleveland in interesting. There is not one central location of nightlife. They both offer

Nick: How are the females in Cleveland?

Jonathan: I’m dating a girl from Cleveland so I have to be careful with what I say. The guys in Cleveland don’t try as hard as they do in Houston. When I come to Cleveland, I’m playing in a different tax bracket. All of a sudden, I’m doing a lot better than what I should be doing, because the competition, if you will don’t try as hard.

Nick: How worried were the coaching staff, the team and the fans going into the playoffs?

Jonathan: If you asked somebody right now, they weren’t worried the slightest bit. If you asked Ty Lue or Lebron James, they were not worried at all. The fans really were worried. I was worried as to how they were going to put all the new pieces together. The defense was one of the biggest issues and the Cavs were like, we are just going to outscore everybody.

Nick: How much authority does Lebron have in Cleveland?

Jonathan: If he goes out and tells David Griffin to get a playmaker, then he will. It all starts and ends with Lebron. Ty does make calls and calls for different offenses and play calls. Ty knows when to intervene and Lebron just be Lebron.

Nick: Realistically, how much of a chance does this Celtics squad have against the Cavs?

Jonathan: I don’t have any expectations that the Cavs would have anything short of a Finals appearance. The Celtics can be the one seed all they want. They don’t have a chance in this series. It’s just not going to be close.

Nick: What do you make of LaVar Ball?

Jonathan: I love the unlaboring confidence that he has in his son. My mom will always tell me that I am the greatest with me but she’ll be honest with me as well. If Lonzo goes number 3 to the Lakers, signing a shoe deal would be way more money. I appreciate what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to make his own brand, but I also hope that he kind of goes away.

Nick: He probably put a target on his son that probably wasn’t necessary.

Jonathan: In different sports, competitions are different. The NFL will have a competition. When Pac Man Jones faced Terrelle Pryor, the outcome of the game didn’t matter, Jones won his individual battle. In the NBA, those guys know who can play and who can’t. If Lonzo is averaging 20 points per game, but all the noise from his dad might get heighten but everybody around him won’t care.


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