Ep. 7 Producer Nick Podcast – Spencer Kyte, UFC.com

Ep. 7 Producer Nick Podcast
Spencer Kyte, UFC.com

On ep. 7 of the Producer Nick Podcast, Spencer Kyte of UFC.com and The Province joins the program. We discuss UFC 211, the progress of a potential bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and more. Also, how did Bellator 179 do on tape-delay and how did Rory MacDonald do on his debut in a new promotion.

Ep. 7 Producer Nick Podcast Interview:

Nick: What’s new in Canada?

Spencer: We’ve got BC boy Rory MacDonald on tape delay in England. Arian Buhler just signed with the UFC last week so he was at the UFC summit and I caught up with him. BC is doing what is usually does representing for Canada on the big MMA stage.

Speaking of tape delay, what does that say about Bellator?

Putting the fight out in London is good. They’ve done some international stuff as you said. Getting outside of North America and going international is always a great way to expand your brand. The thing that sticks for me is how in 2017 can you run tape-delay. It doesn’t make sense when we’ve got friends and colleagues that are live at the event covering the show tweeting about it, instagraming about it. The part that’s even worse is that Bellator waits until the broadcast to start tweeting stuff out.

How much of a delay are we talking here?

Several hours. It’s an eight-hour difference from where I am to London. At like 1 in the afternoon, I was getting the results that Rory had choked out Paul Daley and then there was a skirmish between, as always, an overblown skirmish. Paul Daley “attacked Michael Page,” he like walked close to him, it what it turned out to be. Really Rory MacDonald’s debut is really going to be on tape-delay? A guy everyone wants to see fight his first fight at Bellator and it on tape-delay?

Nick: How much of this is Bellator being more confident in the pre-packaged content as opposed to a live production?

Spencer: I think that might have a little bit to do with it. The ability to clean up little pieces and get the stuff in that they want to get in. I think more than anything, Friday nights on Spike TV, for the most part, are marked a couple times per month for Bellator events. Spike does not want to deviate from whatever their normal broadcast schedule is and throw a Bellator card in the middle of the afternoon for the North American audiences. Let’s just keep them primed, let’s keep them used to the same thing that they are used to. The weird thing about that is that they do these occasional Saturday-night events like they are going to do in New York next month. If you’re going to alternate every so often, to me tape-delay in 2017 is just crazy because we watch sports on social media and the way we interact with sports. It’s one of the few things you can get us to be invested in and actually watch in terms of consumer consumption.

Nick: Sergio Pettis and Brandon Moreno will headline UFC Fight Night 114 card in Mexico. This is kind of a blessing in disguise for Pettis after Henry Cejudo had to pull out of his UFC 211 bout with him. Is this kind of a good thing for Pettis?

Spencer: I think this a good fight for both guys and a better fight for the UFC. This Cejudo fight would have been fine. It was a fight I was looking forward to. To me, a young guy on the rise Sergio Pettis going up against Henry Cejudo who is a top 3 guy, but he’s coming off back to back losses. When it comes to matchmaking, I’m kind of the worst-case scenario guy.

Nick: How hot is the Mexican audience and the Mexican market in the UFC right now.

Spencer: It’s not a red hot market for the UFC right now. There are fighters who grew organically as opposed to a Cain Velasquez who is kind of set as the marquee guy in that market.

Listen to the ful podcast here:

Ep. 7 Producer Nick Podcast – Spencer Kyte, UFC.com




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