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Adam Rank

On ep 8 of the Producer Nick Podcast, Adam Rank of the NFL Network joins the podcast to discuss a variety of topics. Duane Brown skips OTAs. How good is Deshaun Watson and how should the Texans approach the rookie QB? How ashamed should the NBA be for not recognizing Dave Chappelle? What should the Bengals do with Joe Mixon?



(1:08) – NFL Celebration Rules

(3:27) – Roger Goodell’s reference to Key and Peele

(7:01) – Ben Roethlisberger on retirement and not committing to more than one year

(9:53) – The NBA didn’t recognize Dave Chappelle in their tweet

(14:21) – People on social media who don’t have a sense of humor

(15:42) – Thoughts on the Texans drafting Deshaun Watson

(22:37) – Duane Brown not happy with contract does not show up to OTAs

(27:20) – The Bengals drafting Joe Mixon and what they should do with him

Producer Nick Sharara: It looks like they (the NFL) have changed their tune with the celebration rules. The commissioner said he spoke with a number of people including players, former players, and fans. Wasn’t it a dumb rule to begin with?

Adam Rank: I think you hit the nail on the head. It was kind of a dumb rule. The commissioner gets a bad rep for not being a fun guy. He’s in a tough position. There’s a lot of different owners who have different feelings on things like end-zone celebrations. You realize, there are 32 owners and all of them have their choice as to what is cool and not cool in the league. I think what it came down to is the NFL doing some due diligence and seeing what it came down to. The majority of people are not offended by celebrations. I think it’s good for the game, its good for exuberance. You don’t ever want to legislate fun out of the game.

Producer Nick Sharara: I do like the Key and Peele reference that Roger Goodell made. What did you think of that?

Adam Rank: The commissioner has got jokes. It was an opportunity for the commissioner to show his personality a little bit. I’ve had some interactions with him and not necessarily from the park avenue address. I’m an actual league employee so I can go to bowling parties and I would run into him. It was an event that had bowling in it. They had a golf simulation thing and Goodell was sitting around but he was pulled away because he’s a busy man. Ever since Chicago, we’ve seen every time that Goodell gets booed, he’s going to have fun with it. Let the fans show they are interacting with you whether its the boos or the cheers. I would gravitate towards boos at this point in my life.

Nick: I saw Big Ben’s comments on the Steelers website that he never commits to anything for more than one year.

Adam Rank: His wife must love that quote. Like I’m just committed for a year. Like on January 1st, we’ll get together, we’ll decide if we are going to go forward. He might be on to something. What if he’s on to something? What if marriage is like that? What if we did it like contracts?  Alright sweetheart, you’re in a contract year, just to let you know, in case there are any changes you want to make? Like January 1st, we’ll get it together. I once made the remark that Rothlisberger is the dude that gets a facebook invite and he always hits maybe because he wants people to beg him to go. Like hey, we are going to Vegas this weekend…or whatever. He wants everybody to be like “Come on dude! You got to see this!” At some point, the Steelers are going to be like whatever. We’ll be fine.  We’ll find a quarterback. We are the Steelers. We’ve had good quarterbacks for a long ass time. We are not the Texans. No, that was cheap.

Producer Nick Sharara: The NBA twitter account is pretty active right now because of the NBA playoffs. The NBA tweets out a picture of comedians Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle and the tweet reads “Amy Schumer and a fan” How disrespectful is that?

Adam Rank: Is it? Or is it a joke? Is it somebody playing a joke. Is it a super meta joke. I’m so torn on this. It’s a hilarious joke if it is. Obviously, Dave Chappelle is more famous than Amy Schumer. If somebody wanted to sell me that it was a joke, like I get it. And then I see some of the kids that run social media around here. They knew who Chappelle was. The wording “and a fan” signals to me that it was a joke. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt because the NBA is pretty him. You can’t be too subtle with the internet. Sometimes you get caught because they are not understanding the joke with you.

Producer Nick Sharara: What are your thoughts on Deshaun Watson and the move the Texans made to get him?

I’m cool with it. I think that when you like the price of the quarterback in the NFL, its high. It’s hard. It’s like going to the airport and realize that you have to pay 12 bucks for a Bud Light that you would probably pay $3.50 anywhere else and if you identify a quarterback that you want to go after, you pay what it costs. You can’t complain about it. My wife and daughter wanted passes to Disney Land and you’re like well, I can sit here and gripe about it or I can just pay it. The only thing that has held the Texans back is the quarterback position. I thought Watson was the most ready-to-go. I think one of the problems with Watson is that we’ve seen way too much of him which gives scouts and haters an opportunity to pick apart little things here and there. He took that Clemson team to a national title game. It was crazy. Make now mistake, if you watch Clemson this year and they are not good, we might be saying Watson was that good. I think Deshaun Watson is going to be a great quarterback. I’m excited for DeAndre Hopkins the most. Brock Osweiler could not throw the ball. He could not hit a wide open player. I’m really excited about their roster. Will Fuller was hampered by QB play. Braxton Miller from Ohio State is really good too. They have something cooking down there in Houston.

Producer Nick Sharara: What are your thoughts on Duane Brown being unhappy with his contract?

Adam Rank: It’s all a part of the game. One difference now from about five years ago is that there is a lot more practice time. You kind of don’t want these guys to lose time, but Brown is a veteran player, he knows what to do and what to expects. He knows what he’s doing and he’s not going to get hurt. I’m sure its big news and that everybody in town wants to talk about it but I don’t know why? You have the best team in baseball. You should be talking about that and that little twerp Altuve. Come week 1 nobody will care that this guy missed OTAs.

Producer Nick Sharara: How soon will the Bengals have to look past Joe Mixon’s history and play him?

Adam Rank: You’re committed now. You’re in. You drafted Joe Mixon, you can’t walk away now. What you do now is go forward and play him. He does everything Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard does but better. The Bengals made their decision and you can’t back away from that now. Don’t commit on excessive celebration if you drafted Joe Mixon.

Ep. 8 Producer Nick Podcast – Adam Rank, NFL Network


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