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Ep. 9 Producer Nick PodcastOn Ep.9 of the Producer Nick Podcast, we are joined by the Creative Director, On-Air Personality and Producer for SB Nation Radio. I bring on Joe George to discuss a variety of topics. We discuss upcoming UFC events, Odell Beckham Jr’s new shoe deal, the NBA Finals, LaVar Ball and more.



(1:20) – Potential fight between Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

(3:37) – How big of a spotlight does the UFC put on Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson?

(5:34) – The UFC promoting different fighters on their roster

(6:38) – Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones

(9:44) – Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

(13:42) – How for real are the Astros?

(15:29) – Chris Devenski, Trade deadline

(20:08) – Back to back for the Cubs?

(22:08) – Odell Beckham Jr and his new shoe deal

(23:43) – LaVar Ball, Lonzo Ball won’t work out for the Celtics

(25:55) – Lonzo Ball’s shooting style

(29:04) – NBA Finals

Producer Nick: The first thing I want to get into is the potential fight between Mighty Mouse and T.J. Dillashaw. You never know how these things could work. Somebody could get injured and pull out, but your initial thoughts on that particular fight card?

Joe George: I think it’s interesting because Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson has been dominant for so long. No one has really challenged him in a lot of ways. They even had to do a full season of The Ultimate Fighter getting champions from all around the world, coming in to fight in this tournament and the guy ends up being an American that fights him, who was in the UFC before, and Demetrious makes short work of him it seemed like. I think it went all five rounds but it was never a close fight. That’s why I think the intriguing part about this is that Dillashaw is a former champion, he is a guy that is well respected by many in the business. I don’t want to jump on the Cody Garbrandt train and say that it is factual, but since T.J. left, he looks smaller. Ever since he’s changed camp and lost the belt, he’s not the same guy. I think it’s interesting but not muchI think Mighty Mouse will just crush him.

Producer Nick: You got to wonder if that move was healthy for T.J. Dillashaw. When he was facing Renan Barao, I didn’t think he would beat him. He probably was popular before that fight but those two fights really catapulted him to the next level. It will be interesting to see how his body transforms. What is interesting to me is a guy like Mighty Mouse, who is always number 1 on the pound for pound list and he does not get the promotional love. When is he going to see the spotlight that a Conor McGreggor or a Jon Jones or a Daniel Cormier gets?

Joe George: I think it’s tough because of his opponents in his division. There is no one big in his division to pair him up with and that is why this fight between Dillashaw and Johnson had to happen because at least you’ll get legitimate press. My first UFC fight that I ever covered was a UFC Fight Night in Chicago a couple years ago. They had Mighty Mouse do the Q & A with the fans after the weigh-ins. Why is this guy, of all people, doing this? I think he just does not get the media attention. He does no get the love by the fans he deserves. I also agree with you, he’s going to have that fall off. It’s going to be like you hear with quarterbacks in the NFL. One day you’re going to wake up and Mighty Mouse is going to lose.

Producer Nick: Only because of how much he depends on his speed. Every fight that he’s had. I think maybe John Dodson would be one guy that was comparable in terms of speed, with the way he moved and threw his punches, but for the most part, Mighty Mouse was faster and quicker than every opponent he’s faced.  I think the UFC has tried to promote Demetrious Johnson. I think they didn’t get the return that that wanted. It’s just a theory, but I think they don’t want to necessarily put the effort in promoting him if they are not getting their return on dollars.

Joe George: I think it’s a fair theory. Cody Garbrandt and Conor McGregor will be bigger draws. Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will be a draw. How much of a financial investment do you want to make in that?

Producer Nick: Let’s talk about Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. Should Jon Jones take a tune-up fight before facing Daniel Cormier?

Joe George: I think Jon Jones should take a tune-up fight but the UFC can’t risk it. If he takes another tune-up fight, and he’s not impressive, how do you promote a fight like that?

Ep. 9 Producer Nick Podcast – Joe George, SB Nation Radio


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