Georges St-Pierre Makes his Return Official


Georges St-Pierre makes his return official in a Hayabusa commercial confirming a report of his return from the L.A. Times.

Georges St-Pierre Makes his Return Official

UFC President Dana White told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that a deal was done former UFC Welterweight Champion.

“He’s back. I’m excited,” White told the Times. “We worked at it for a long time and finally got it done.”

The longest defending UFC welterweight champion will finally step back into the cage following an absence of over three years.

St-Pierre (25-2), stepped away from fighting following a controversial win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. Hendricks was a very scary welterweight at the time. He was 10-1 going into that title fight against St-Pierre. Now, Hendricks is promising a “rebirth” of his career.

When St-Pierre finally makes his return, he may jump right in and fight best of the best at welterweight, but he may even fight at 185, or even drop down to 155.

“It could be the winner between Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, or it could be Michael Bisping,” White told the LA Times. “Georges has also talked about fighting at 155 pounds.”

A fight with Woodley or Thompson would be a scary fight for St-Pierre. Weight cutting will only get harder as he gets older so 155 may be possible, but not necessary. A fight with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping might make the most sense. It’s the closest thing to a tune-up fight if he wants to fight for the title for his first fight back.

Before taking a hiatus, St-Pierre defeated Hendricks, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Jake Shields, Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, Matt Serra and Matt Hughes.

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