Houston Rockets vs Cleveland Cavaliers Quick-Note Recap

Rockets Cavs

Houston Rockets vs Cleveland Cavaliers recap and quick notes.

Qtr 1

  • Back to back offensive rebounds for the Rockets.
  • Capela grabbed the first and took it right to Lebron in the paint for two points
  • Irving off to a great start early. Started off 3 of 3 from FG range.
  • Ryan Anderson hits back to back three-pointers. Cavs calls first time
  • Lebron back Capela down for fadeaway two. Capela with good defense.
  • Trevor Ariza starting off slow again. 0 for 2 early in the first qtr.
  • Ariza hits his first three with 4:51 left in the first qtr.
  • Rockets finish 7 for 15 from behind
  • Gordon hit two quick back to back three pointers after he checked in
  • 33-26 Rockets up after the first

Qtr 2

  • Rockets off to slow start missing baskets.
  • Beverley penetrated to the basket twice and missed two layups. He was well defended on one of them.
  • Fan ran out on the court with just over five minutes left in the first half. Security escorted him out pretty quickly.
  • Rockets attacking the basket okay.
  • Back to back three-pointers made it a 12-point game in the second. 12 points is the largest lead for Cavs up until this point.
  • James Harden 1 for 6 from 3-pt range with 3:31 left in the first half.

Qtr 3

  • Cavs off to good start with back to back baskets.
  • Rockets start hitting their three-pointers about two minutes into the third qtr.
  • Cavs have to take a timeout to regroup
  • Ariza gets to the free throw line twice.
  • There was a stretch of two minutes where the Rockets couldn’t get a basket to fall despite getting several offensive rebounds
  • Rockets finished the 3rd qtr strong and took lead
  • Rockets led with points in the paint 38-34 late in the 3rd qtr

Qtr 4

  • Rockets take the lead early after finishing the 3rd qtr strong
  • Missed FTs down the stretch hurt the Rockets chances to seal the game
  • The shot falling and great hustle by the Rockets sealed this game.



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