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Industry Standard
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One industry standard microphone that I’ve seen a lot in my career, the Electro-Voice RE20. Electro-Voice microphones are the most utilized if not, the most utilized microphones in the broadcast industry. From radio to TV, the Electro-Voice RE20 is a favorite by many media outlets around the country.

I’ve personally used this microphone on the air and in podcasting. Whether you are ready to purchase this microphone or want to put it on your wishlist, I’ll give you some information on the microphone’s highlights and where I’ve seen it used.

As a national producer for the Yahoo! Sports Radio network (now the SB Nation Radio Network), I’ve personally used and seen on-air talent use Electro-Voice microphones. The audio quality is high and they are extremely durable.

Aspiring podcasters and broadcasters can find Electro-Voice microphones being used on national sports media platforms like ESPN and Fox Sports as well. National sports program “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd uses Electro-Voice microphones. It’s national on both terrestrial radio and television.

The RE20 is a professional quality cardioid microphone that will range anywhere from $-500. This microphone is not for everyone’s budget. Whether you are ready to make this purchase, or put it on your wish list, it won’t be a bad purchase for any serious podcaster or broadcaster. Customers can find this microphone on multiple online outlets. Amazon is my favorite retailer and will almost always give you the most competitive or one of the most competitive prices.

Industry Standard Microphone Electro-Voice
  • XLR connection
  • May be used with a mixing board
  • May be used with microphone processors
  • May be adjusted for optimal quality

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