Keith Thurman Interview on SB Nation Radio

Keith Thurman
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Keith Thurman is no stranger to trash talk. The WBA Super Welterweight Champion joined the FanReact Hour on SB Nation Radio following racial remarks made by Angel Garcia, father of his undefeated opponent and WBA champion, Danny Garcia.

“Your words have no power,” Thurman told SB Nation Radio. “Your skills have the power in the ring.”

Thurman, (26-0) has just come off a big win over Shawn Porter and remains undefeated going up against the undefeated Garcia. Thurman gave praise to Shawn Porter and made the argument that he is more aggressive than Danny Garcia.

Here are some of the things we discussed with the WBC Champion.

  • How important is resilience in his bout with Danny Garcia?
  • Favorite post-fight food?
  • Who he’s enjoyed punching in the face the most?
  • The racial comments made by Angel Garcia.

Take a listen to the full interview here:

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