Kevin Lee Discusses Media Brawl

Kevin Lee discusses the media brawl he had with Michael Chiesa. Lee and Chiesa are set to square off and settle their genuine hate for each other. Lee feels Chiesa overreacted over comments he made about his mother.

“I was surprised by it, I thought that he took it the wrong way.”

Lee is not expecting any punishment to come down from the UFC but expects to meet with them regarding the incident at some point in Las Vegas. Chiesa charged Lee after verbally warning Lee to never make comments regarding his mother. Lee anticipated him and threw the first punch.

“It wasn’t me who started it and that is how it’s going to be from now on,” said Lee. “He ran up on me, what you expect, he should have had his hands up.”

Lee also went into detail regarding his family. Lee has a brother who is currently incarcerated and hopes will be released before his next fight.

Video: Kevin Lee talks about his brother in prison. 




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