Leonard-Less Spurs Continue to Struggle

Leonard-Less Spurs Continue to Struggle

The Golden State Warriors made it look easy. The game was over in the second quarter and with Leonard’s ankle injury being as bad as it sounds, the Spurs fate might be wrapped up in San Antonio.

We saw the Spurs break down following a 20+ point lead over the Warriors in game 1. Their star player in the third quarter went down with an ankle injury and the team just fell apart. Game two further shows how much the Spurs can break down without their star player in Kawhi Leonard. We always give praise to Leonard’s defense and rightfully so, but his offense was missed in game 2.

The Warriors defeat the Cavs 136-130

The Spurs scored more in the second half but by that time it was too late. The Warriors did not score less than 30 points in any quarter of game 2. The great start that the Warriors got off to scoring 33 points in the first twelve minutes of play never really faded as the game progressed.



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