Matt Ryan with MVP Performance against Seahawks

Lecka/Getty Images)

Matt Ryan has an MVP performance in the Atlanta Falcons win over the Seattle Seahawks. There were certainly questions with Ryan and his past performances in the playoffs, and being 1-4 heading into this game was not a sigh of relief.

That was not the case for Ryan with the Falcons 36-20 win over the Seahawks. Ryan went 26 of 37 for 338 yards and three TDs. The offensive line looked great and the offense as a whole just looked confident.

The Seahawks had a few opportunities they could have capitalized on. Mistakes in the first half really hurt the Seahawks’ offense. Devin Hester, who many joked on twitter that he would be tested for banned substances after the game, had an 80-yard punt return negated by a holding penalty on special teams.

Then, an offensive lineman steps on Russell Wilson’s foot, dropping him to the ground before the play could really get going, and giving the Falcons an easy safety in the first half.

Russel Wilson was 17 of 30 for 338 yards and two TDs.

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