Report: Johnny Manziel hit Girlfriend so hard he ruptured her eardrum

Johnny Manziel is being investigated for assault for an altercation that happened with his girlfriend. Ex girlfriend Colleen Crowley details her view of the...
LeSean McCoy Bar Fightvideo

LeSean McCoy: Bar Fight Video

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was in a bar fight that involved three off-duty police officers at a night club, according to reports. TMZ...

Car Crashes into ESPN Radio in Charlotte (Audio)

So this just happened — Jeff Caruso (@JeffCaruso730) February 8, 2016 A car crashed into the ESPN affiliate in Charlotte. ESPN 780 was live on...
Frank Clark Cam Newtonvideo

Seahawks Frank Clark calls Cam Newton a Bitch (Video)

This y'all league MVP!!! Really!!!! — Frank Clark (@TheRealFrankC_) February 8, 2016
Cam Newton Presservideo

Why Cam Newton Walked from Presser (Watch and Listen)

THIS is why Cam walked out (listen to what's being said in the background). — Brian (@bmweezy13) February 8, 2016
Cam Newton Press Conference

Cam Newton has short Press Conference, Super Bowl 50 Quote Transcript

Cam Newton was obviously not his happy self following the loss in the most important game of his career in Super Bowl 50. Newton was...
Peyton Manning Budweiser

Peyton Manning to kiss kids and wife, then drink Budweiser

Following Peyton Manning's second Super Bowl win, drinking beer was on the quarterback's mind. I'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight jim....budweiser In two...
Marshawn Lynch retirement

Marshawn Lynch Announces Retirement via Twitter?

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch posts a picture of hanging cleats on his twitter account. This comes shortly after rumors of his retirement came from...