Podcast Blog: One place to start

Podcast Blog # One place to start

The art of podcasting can be approached in many ways. You might be asking yourself where to start considering all the moving variables that is involved in producing, publishing and promoting a podcast.

Quick answer? Content. Whether its in your and audio or video podcast, or even a live broadcast, content is key.

Before launching a podcast, answering very obvious question is imperative.

  • What will your podcast be about?
  • What is the goals of your podcast?
  • Who will be your audience?
  • Are you looking to monetize your podcast?
  • Are you looking to gain exposure, maybe even name recognition?
  • How do you plan on recording, producing or broadcast your content and who will do it for you?

There are just a few questions to ask yourself before deciding to launch a podcast. The cool thing about podcasting is the flexibility it gives you. You can podcast on just about any topic. Whether or not podcasting is right for your goals is another question.


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