Podcast Prep – How to Prepare for your Podcast


Podcast PrepPodcast prep. “Prep” is a term commonly used in the radio and TV realm. Short for your preparation. What do you plan on discussing and executing on your podcast or program?

Before you record your podcast, coming up with some sort of outline on what you plan on discussing can be helpful. How do you plan on opening your podcast? What do you plan on discussing right off the top to start your podcast? And how will you transition into other topics if any? These are just a few questions you could ask yourself prior to originating a podcast.

Well you’ve got your mic and recording platforms all set up and you are ready to roll! What will you say? Do you have a script or just a simple outline that you plan on expanding on? Let’s lay out the dynamic of a particular podcast as an example.

  • It’s a pre-recorded podcast. Not a live podcast or broadcast.
  • It is an audio podcast. Only an audio recording platform is needed because there’s no video.
  • There is only one person voicing this podcast. You may find some podcasts with multiple personalities.

Podcast Prep – The Content

You’re on your own. The mic is in front of you and you are ready to record. No co-host to bounce questions or ideas off. Nobody to have a conversation with. Just you. And what you say is dependent on whether you gain an audience.

Come up with an outline with simple topic points.

Find out what you want to talk about through research. Read articles and current events to help you brainstorm. Reading current events, regardless if it is on content completely unrelated to what you plan to discuss on your podcast can be useful. Through your research, come up with topic points. Example….

Let’s say you are a lawyer and you are doing a podcast on practicing law. As a lawyer, you want to express how you would approach the courts defending your client on a fraud charge. A similar fraud case was revealed via national media outlets regarding a very similar fraud case, but for a high-profile client. A famous actor or sports athlete. You could list the topic point as follows:

Segment 1

  • Approaching High Profile defendants vs Non-High Profile defendants

Now if you conduct a podcast discussing just one topic. An outline is probably not necessary. But if you plan on transitioning from topic to topic in one podcast episode, here is what your outline could look like for a law podcast.

Example: Simplified Podcast Outline

Segment 1

  • Approaching High-Profile defendants vs common defendants

Segment 2

  • Current high profile cases – recap/reviews

Segment 3

  • Law Trivia – Give listeners an opportunity to answer questions and win prizes

Podcast Prep – The Production

Production value to podcasts. Essentially produced production elements or audio that will add to your podcast or program.

  • Audio Clips
  • Sound effects
  • Natural sound
  • Short -form

In the example of the law podcast. Perhaps audio of a court official or a prosecutor speaking in a particular case could be incorporated into the podcast.







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