Rory MacDonald had a dominant performance over Paul Daley for his Bellator debut in London. Using his wrestling and grappling, MacDonald was able to dodge the power in Daley’s hands, eventually forcing him to submit to a rear-naked choke.

MacDonald is one of the bigger, if not the biggest names Bellator has signed away from the UFC. His debut was important. There is no question MacDonald has a following so why would there not be a live production. Spencer Kyte of and The Province, thought it was a terrible idea.

“The thing that sticks for me is how in 2017 can you run tape-delay,” said Kyte. “Really? Rory MacDonald’s debut is really going to be on tape-delay? A guy everyone wants to see fight his first fight at Bellator and it on tape-delay.”

Hear the full interview with Spencer Kyte on the Producer Nick Podcast click HERE:

Spencer Kyte on Rory Macdonald being on tape delay: (1:22 mark)


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